26 July 2010

Weekend progress . . . and retreat

A bit more is done on the pandas. I thought I would be able to get the vegetation finished over Mei Xiang's head, but that didn't happen. But I'm now onto her foot, right under that black slash on the right hand side. This is very tricky stitching. I'm hopeful. I don't think I'll have this done by the fair, though. But maybe. I can hope. If not this year, there is always next year.

We had awful storms go through Maryland last night. I was at my part-time job in Olney, sort of to the eastern part of the county. Right after our show let out, the skies darkened up, and the wind started picking up. I went out to put the windows up in the car, and over top the theatre building, it was grey, but not black. Black skies worry me. I figured just another thunderstorm, but, in a few moments, it got very bad. The wind started howling, and it didn't sound like normal thunder, more like a low, evil growling. We actually started to think about where to go, since the theatre is old and built on a slab. At least, thank God, there were no patrons in there. There was a tornado warning for the area.

After the storm, it just cleared right up, the sun came out. When the calls started, that should have been my hint. Everyone wanted to know if we had power. But then again, they do that every time there is a storm. When they started coming in for the evening show, the patrons began to tell us how bad it was outside. How it was blocked up from Alexandria over the river to Montgomery County. Everything south of us in the county was without power.

I had promised Mom I'd come by after work to pick up some things. I set out. It didn't seem bad . . . the first two miles. By the time I hit Rt 29, the road to Mom's, there was a back up. It was pretty bad. Leaves and branches carpeted the ground. Large trees had been snapped off and were lying in the road. Got to within two miles of the house and was turned around. So, had to go down to the Beltway, get on there, get off at the exit behind hers and go through the neighborhood. It took two hours to make a trip that takes 15 minutes. Her neighborhood wasn't tooo bad, just powerless. They cut a lot of trees back after Hurricane Isabel.

Mom was not there. Dad said she'd gone for something to eat, since they had no power. Even on gas, if you have an electric igniter on the stove, you have to have power. She never made it home the whole time I was there, but I'm assuming she'll get home.

I went home around 9. They still don't have power this morning--PEPCo was still doing damage assessments. Hopefully they will get it back today. They're lucky. two people were killed by falling debris. One was a child. So sad. I don't think of storms as killers, usually because I'm not out in them. I don't know what I'd do if I were in them.

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