13 January 2007

Had S.E.X. today

Mom went to the Stitching Post today to take a class in Punchneedle. I didn't take the class--I have no interest in Punchneedle, but I had to driver her. Anyway, I ended up having a little bit of S.E.X (stash enhancement experience). I kitted up Waxing Moon's Autumn Nap, Something Old Fashioned's Like Feathered Wings, Kustom Krafts' Ghost Wind (which came last night and which I am stoked about starting) and a chart out of Cross Stitcher from last March of irises. I decided to do the irises on black. I saw a picture of it done like that in the magazine, so this is not exactly my idea, but it looked really pretty, and I thought it would be cool for the fair. Then we went to Frederick, and went to the shop there. I hadn't intended on going there, but it seemed like it would be OK. I found some charts there.

I am really going to try to stop having days like this. I really have to finish some things that I have in my stash. I did kit up 3 charts that I have in my stash, so I guess that is a better than just buying new and kitting up. I am going to customize the colors for Like Feathered Wings because it shows as shades of brown, and I changed it to black, grey and white. I prefer grey horses. I think it will look pretty cool.

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