10 January 2007

I think this deserves a mention

This is my completed Houses of Hawks Run Hollow, by Carriage House Samplings. I worked on this for 2 years, a week, and 45 minutes. Now you may ask, "How in the HELL do you know exactly how long you worked on that." But I do! I started it Halloween of 2004, which was the day my friend Sharon ran in the Marine Corps Marathon (and I got a Charlie Horse walking to the Metro to see her run) and I started it as soon as I woke up, then worked on it for two years, and finished on my 30th birthday, at 7:15 AM, while I was waiting for the polls to open, so I could vote against Robert Ehrlich.

Anyway, the frame was really cheap. This is a big piece, about 19X24, if I remember right, and I figured it was going to be scandalously expensive, but my mom paid for it to be framed, and it was like $125 USD, which is really not bad because I have two other pieces that cost as much and they are not as big. So I posed Chancey next to it. The frame is pretty cool, it's distressed. I was really inspired by Brea and I's, and then Mom and I's, trip to Lancaster County, and I thought this sorta went with the family's painted wood furniture. It looks like an antique, and that is what I wanted. Aunt Susan wanted a black frame, but I thought this looked better because in the 19th century, they wouldn't have been as morbid about death.

I have the next chart in the series, Village of Hawks Run Hollow, but I haven't started it yet. I am still recovering from this. And there's a new one coming out, the people of Hawks Run Hollow. I think that would be cool, I will buy it and might start it. Anyway, thought I would share so you see I actually do finish things

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Barb said...

That looks nice. Great job on it.

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