21 January 2007

Woodlawn entries are in

I took my entries for Woodlawn up to the Stitching Post yesterday. I entered HOHRH, Lanarte Sea Life and TIAG The Barnraising. Now the walls are kinda bare. All I have hanging up is Lighthouses, and The Best Place to Fall. I don't have high hopes for my entries, but . . . That frame for HOHRH is really fragile. I dinged it taking it in yesterday. That is not a picture to be taken up and down. They said they could fix it at the shop, so hopefully that should be OK.

This is my progress on Santa's Journey for the week. The little penguins are coming along. I am starting to get antsy about getting this finished. I figured out how to do the partial stitches on this. I have to do it with a 28 needle, but it works.
I am rushing to get it finished so I can start on Winter Stack. I bought a bunch of fabric to use for a wall hanging at the quilt store next to Stitching Post. The fabric is so pretty, all wintry blues and sparklies! And I found some autumn print to use on Halloween finishs

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