15 January 2007

Not much stitching

Didn't stitch much today. Normally I stitch at lunch, but Rashad and I actually had lunch at the same time, so we went to the good Safeway, which is a ways away from the office. I was glad he went along, I always worry that I am going to run into someone from that place I briefly worked at, and I figure that they won't mess with me if I am not alone. Not that they would, but you know how bitchy people get, and they feel like they have to let you know how they feel. And I don't feel like discussing with them on the off-chance they want to, it was a professional decision. Anyway, R and I went to lunch. He said no one would mess with me, he is too tall.

I am working on the penguins processing Christmas wishlists tonight. It is going to be a PITA. Why don't they make afghans with aida inserts. If it was damask or a soft aida, it would be easier to split the threads and you wouldn't have to worry aboutit rolling off to the sides. I know, if I want that, make a quilt.

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