14 January 2007

Times like these, I wish I had a webcam.

It was so funny.
Lily was laying on the sofa, and I put my afghan over her to take the picture, so I didn't have to move her. Her brother figured out she was under there, and so he had to wake her up and mess with her. So she is under the afghan, he's on top, and they are starting to tussle. Chancey, who is really throwing herself into this security detail role, then attempts to get involved. Don't know if it was because she must protect the stitching, or just because she hates when the cats fight and loves to wade in the middle and break it up (a brave woman, my 4-legged human), she attempts to calm the situation. I caught her right at the point when she went to jump on the sofa onto the middle of my afghan. I don't mind the cats on it, I really can't keep her off, but I have to draw the line at the dog. I know she is security, but I had to Tide stick it already today (which, BTW, works really well)and who knows what invisible grunge she carries. So I called her off, Next thing, Lil comes sliding down off the sofa. And she was PEEVED.

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