17 January 2007

Hard to stitch with wet nails

Still no stitching tonight. I did start on Ghost Wind last night. Did not get very far, maybe 150 stitches, but it took me a while to get it situated. I cut the fabric a little short when I was trimming it--they cut me a 17X30 piece at the LNS and cheap me decided, "Hey, I can use that extra 6 inches of fabric for something else." and then cut it so one side was 3 inches for framing, the other was like 2. So I had to fix it, then tried to grid. I can not grid. So I compromised and basted center.

I stopped in Michael's after my nail appointment--quite a challenge to maneuver the aisles and not smudge my nails. I found two little kits in the $1 section. One is a flower pot, one is a beach chair. I would like to do the beach chair in a big frame, or at least with a big molding. I don't think the LNS would do it, though. Not sure. But, heck, I need to get some things done before I start anything new.

OHHHH, one thing I did do tonight was I managed to find the right fabric for Like Feathered Wings. It was in my stash. I have a silvery blue that will work perfectly! I floss tossed it and it works

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