14 January 2007

Not getting much stitching done today

We took the Christmas tree down today, so didn't have a lot of time to work on Santa's Journey. I did do a little bit this morning while I was watching Sunday Morning, and have been doing a little when we have been taking breaks.

I am working on the bootprints now. I have 4 sets left to do. They shouldn't be as tricky as they are turning out to be, but they are kicking my butt. I finally figured out if I ran a basting line at 12 cm, that I could just find center, and center them off that, and it's been working better. I did read up on the nun stitch, just to be clear on it. I haven't nunstitched in, gosh, 4 years, not that it's hard, but certainly not something that I am really that familiar with. I don't do specialty stitches, at least not well. But this afghan is, on the whole, really kinda fun to stitch. I am just trying to figure out how to back it. I am thinking maybe flannel. But I have to get it finished before I finalize the thinking. But I gotta find something snowflake-y, somehow flowers won't work.

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