01 January 2007

My New Year's Day start

A couple people on the message board I go to, 123 Stitch, mentioned that they were starting a new project on New Year's Day. I decided it would be a good idea. Not that I don't have about 40 other things to work on that I started prior to 2007, but it seemed like a good idea and I enjoy the process of starting to stitch on a vast clean expanse of fabric.

So I chose Dimensions Gold Collection Thunder Ridge this morning at 11. I thought about just keeping working on Summer Ball, but I decided that if it was the first day of the new year, I ought to start off fresh. I can work on Summer Ball tomorrow.

Anyway, I haven't got very far. It has a lot of tweeding, which part of me feels like saying, if I wanted to do a bunch of tweeding, I would buy a Theresa Wentzler. But it is stitching up fairly quickly. I didn't work very long, started at 9, left at 12 to go to the gym. I haven't gotten back onto it since I came home. I sorta think that I will do better when I get the stitching light set up, after we get the tree down. Though, I am struck by fact that this tree throws off a bunch of light. The fabric is navy blue, and 18 count. I wish Dimensions would think about these things. Large projects on small count dark fabric, not great idea. But people have finished it, and I love horses, so this is a good project for me.

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