27 January 2007

This week

Just didn't feel like posting this week. I haven't been doing much stitching wise. Work has been really crazy. I did treat myself to a knitting bag from AC Moore this week. I thought it would be good to store Santa's Journey in there because it can be zipped away from the cats.

I have been a little tired of working on it, though, so, last night, I pulled out Summer Ball from Cross Stitch Collection and worked on that. It's very slow progress, butI made progress, I worked on the coats of the gentlemen in the middle and started on my over-1 faces. So far, I like the affect. I think it will give a finer look to the faces.

I did start Waxing Moon Autumn Nap just now. I got the fabric in a grab bag at CATS. I don't know who dyed it, but I like it.

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