13 August 2007

Almost finished and a new start

I am almost finished with New Birth of Spring. I just have a little bit left to do. Which is good, because the magazine is starting to fall apart. One the pages has actually detached from the spine. OOOPPPSSS. I will be so happy to get this finished. But it will probably be happy in a wierd way. I've never straight committed to a project for two months like I did this one. I probably wouldn't have started it now, if I knew how intricately shaded it is. But I am going to finish it, and I realize that, after completing this, I can finish Hummingbird Trellis afghan. Nothing is unattainable.

I didn't feel like bringing it to work today, so I brought Imaginating Summer Quilt. It seems like an easy stitch. And not too bad color wise. I decided I would go with Anchor black to stitch the cat, because it provides better coverage, and maybe with 3 strands, it would have a little extra dimensionality. And it's on the 50. I have to get back on track with that.

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