04 August 2007

M'Deer update!

I didn't have a chance earlier to take a picture of this. I haven't worked hard on it this week, been doing that ornament instead. I finished that early this morning, and of course, it's in the car because I went to go get stuff to make it into an ornament today and then it was so hot and Luke brought Delilah (his girlfriend's puppy) over to be dogsat and I can't finish and watch a Jakc Russell mix puppy. I kenneled her up to get a chance to stitch right now. I am getting near the end of this now. I am really proud of what I've accomplished with this project, because there were times when I thought it would never end, and I'm almost done.

I got my All Our Yesterdays book in the mail last night. It's a nice book. There are a couple designs I already have, courtesy of the British cross stitch magazines, but there are a lot of beautiful designs I haven't seen before. I've already seen one that would be good for my friend Kathy for Christmas, And I have to say, I was really pleased with the shipping from Barnes and Noble.

I won't be getting any more stash for a while, because I have to get Robbie situated, plus will have to get to Texas to get him, but I have lots of good stash now. I entered a Halloween ornament stitch a long, and I have some cute patterns for that, plus have to get my exchange partner's ornie stitched. I can't believe it's almost fall.

And I wanted to add two things that made me smile. First of all, I've lost almost 5 pounds in two weeks, just from making better food choices. I am under 200 pounds and it's been a while since I've been that way. I find that really empowering. I must get my weight down, especially since I am getting my teeth fixed and need to be gorgeous. And then last night, we were in Sears looking for outfits to wear to the singles dance, a transgender, well, it was a woman, she had long hair and a purse, and she is living as a woman, so she's a woman. Anyway, I must have smiled for some reason, and she stopped to tell me that I had a very genuine smile. And she said it was hard to find someone who had a genuine smile. And that made me feel good. Especially coming from someone who probably doesn't get a lot of smiles from people, just on account of how she lives. I was still smiling today. Amazing how such a small gesture makes a day. I will remember this+

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Itching To Stitch said...

Here is the deer I've waiting to see another pic of. This is coming along just beautifully ;)

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls