01 August 2007

Happy August, y'all!

Not much stitchy wise has been going on in my world the past couple days. Monday was my beautiful Chancey's 8th birthday--hard to believe she's already 8, it just seems like yesterday that she wrecked my car getting her head stuck in the steering wheel at 9 weeks old. I got an email from her breeder on Sunday and when I mentioned I was thinking about getting her a sibling, Shirley asked me yesterday if I wanted her littermate, a retired showdog. Well, yeah! He's her brother! The funny thing was, Sunday night, because the girls were all out of sorts because we were playing with my brother's girlfriend's puppy, who was very cute, my mom said we didn't need a puppy, but it might be OK to bring another dog in the house if it was one of Chancey's relatives. And then this email. I am trying not to get too excited, in case it doesn't happen, but to have two Schipperkes, and one an international champion, well that would be awesome.

I ordered myself the All Our Yesterdays book from Barnes and Noble. It wasn't too expensive with shipping. I thought it was a good thing to buy and I've been waiting for it.

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