10 August 2007

OK, starting to relax more

I came home and decided that, because it seems relatively simple, and I've had it 4 years and it needs to be finished, to work on an old Blackbird Designs, Blackbird's Winter Delivery. I was working on it last spring, and seemed to have made a mistake on it. So I had to pick it all out. It seemed like such a sinfully wanton luxury to cut the hand-dyed floss, not just
pull them out and horde them like gold. I am sure I will regret it at some point, since I am broke, but it felt good.

I think I may make a plaque out of this one. it would be kinda cool to hang on the fireplace. I don't know, that's looking into the future a little far. Lemme just get it finished at this point.

I think I have a new obsession. Those gorgeous Blue Ribbon Designs gameboard looking pieces are so cool. I have several, but I love the new ones too. I just keep looking at them. And since I am starting to make progress on getting my WIPS and UFOs under control, I might could add a new project.

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