15 August 2007

Back to the fair last night

I took Mom over to the fair last night. She wanted to see my entries. She was pretty proud of me. I am a little bit happier since I realized that my Christmas pic won over a really pretty Mary Engelbreit that was really pretty. That one deserved to win.

I did see though, not a lot of primitive things placed high. Of the 1st place, it was my HOHRH, and my San man, a BOAF, and two Bent Creek pics that won. So I am thinking the judges just prefer realistic pictures. Which was kinda sad because there were some beautiful primitives entered. I think some of the problem, too was size. At county, they measure by frame size. State measures by design size--that seems a fairer way to judge to me. Anyway . . .

I have such a little bit left to do on New Birth of Spring, stitching wise. I want so badly to get it finished before I go to Dallas. Then I am going to work on the ornament for my exchange partner. I chose Funk and Webber's Dead of the Night for Lorna. I have some black evenweave, so, as part of my on-going effort to blind myself, I decided I will stitch that over-one with the new glow in the dark light effects. It looks pretty straight-forward. I just wanted something cool for Lorna, because she's putting up a Halloween tree. I already bought her some non-stitchy ornaments, and a little container Michael's had, she can put some M&M's or something in there, and I thought I would buy some candy and tuck it in the package too.


Chiloe said...


Ichecked your blog already !!! Thanks for the link !!!

Cyndi said...

That's interesting about the judging. I really don't like the "realistic" designs - and am totally in love with not only "primitives," but mandalas (Martina Weber) and geometric shapes. I like wild colors, too. Congrats on your Christmas pic win.
I love the HOHRH piece! What was the San Man piece?

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