04 August 2008

A cheery thank you--NOT

I would like to thank each and every person who, when purchasing floss for some craft project or stitching project or to make a nest or whatever, decides that they do not in fact need all that they have selected and puts it back in the wrong bin. Or throws it on the floor. I realize I should check more thoroughly because I know you people are out there--if you put floss in the wrong bin, you do fall under the heading of "you people." Yes, I understand, it takes an extra two seconds to play "Memory" and match up the shades of floss with the numbers on the front of the bin, and it's WAY easier to just shove it in the nearest bin of a color vaguely similar or to throw it on the floor. Because we all know their time is WAY more important than anyone else's, the store staff and mine. After all, the store staff is there anyways, and, well, I have a job where I wear flip-flops to work. How could my time POSSIBLY be valuable; I don't even wear socks!

Kudos to them for stimulating the economy without spending their own money. Thanks to them, I spent 59 cents at my LNS on a skein of DMC that I didn't need and will cost another 35 cents to get the right shade I didn't get because of them. That's 94 cents. Plus tax--it's a dollar. The students of Maryland are grateful. And when they throw it on the floor, and it gets dirty and can't be sold, or if it just needs picked up, Michaels gotta pay the staff overtime, or buy more floss. So, by this theory, their carelessness means more money in the pockets of the poor, more orders and more revenue. Woo hoo! But then again, they have to leave the lights on longer cause who is gonna pick up floss in the dark, burning more fossil fuel, or whatever they do to get power--methinks PEPCO uses a mix of hydro-power and nuclear, I don't know, though--and it costs gas to get it shipped here. That increases global warming, causes more traffic, and just generally messes up the earth. And it makes me mad, which falls under the heading of "Things that are not good ideas."

So, please, when you get the floss out, buy it or put it back right. Do your part to save the planet.


riona said...

Can't agree with you more ... I am so very frustrated when this happens because it generally means suspending work on the project in hand ... so of course, that means starting yet another WIP ... by the way I wear stockings and pumps wo work [along with the rest of a conventional "professional" outfit] ... does this disqualify me from empathizing with you?

Annie said...

It drives me nuts too (although I never equated it with environmental damage). Sometimes I take time to fix up the bins while I'm at a Michael's or AC Moore just because I can't stand looking at the floss all mixed up. And I like playing with floss I guess.

Rachel said...

So deja vu for me! Getting thread for Celtic Autumn and close to half of the bins had the wrong threads. In a couple I had to dig to the bottom to find the one I was looking for.

Another gripe would be the restocking of thread. Too many times Ive been to Michael's or Joanns (on weekends of course) to find the DMC thrashed and 1/2 empty.

Pumpkin said...

GREAT post Rachel!!!! That is one thing that really irks me. It really doesn't take any time at all to put things back where they belong. Right on!

~Julie~ said...

Ohhh Rachel I SO totally hear you on this issue! I think it happens every time I go to buy worded it so much more....."elaborately" than I would have. Normally I just say, "hey some dim bulb put the floss in the wrong slot again." LOL...


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