01 August 2008

Friday not-so-foolishness

Nothing serious today. It's been a seriously not-stitchy week. I got the projects my aunt finished for me for the fair back yesterday. I am super-pleased. Now I just have to pick up my JBW cat, and SO's stocking. I am so nervous about that stocking. I want SO to love it, and want it to be gorgeous for him. I wish Stoney Creek would do a car stocking, but they don't, so this was a good alternative for him.

It's been pretty quiet here this week. My teeth were achy up until Tuesday. Now they are just resigned to their fate. They feel a little funny, but I am getting used to it. My next appointment is on August 7th, which, come to think of it, is the anniversary of when we started this whole process last year. Pretty cool! Good that it's only taken a year to get this fixed, and that only because my insurance ran out quick last year and I didn't want to go over. So in 5 days, I get one step closer to my dream. Should be a good day, that Thursday, drop off my stitching at the fair, and get my teeth worked on.

Now, I know, you are wondering what that adorable cow picture is at the top of the entry. I treated myself to this chart. I have only been staring at it for months. It's amazing to me that, with the amount of nice designs we have here in the US, I always love the things from other countries better than our stuff. And the inside--see here: adorable. I needed this. I had to have it! I ordered it from La Cigale Brodeuse in Canada. I think I have heard of people ordering from them before. I managed to maneuver my way through the site (I really need to start practicing my French again), and even put <> in the comments. Cross your fingers I get this!


mercy said...

Hi! I've ordered from them before and they're pretty fast! I also slowly navigated my way through their site but not because I know french...I figured that if that "word" sounded like a word in spanish then it must be that word LOL.

Daffycat said...

Really cute stash...adorable cow!

Pumpkin said...

You must be so excited to get all these projects back! I can't wait to see pictures :o)

I'm happy to hear how happy 'you' are about your teeth. It must make you feel very good :o)

The cow purse is adorable! I love how some of them finished theirs. Looks like a fun project!

I have never heard of that site here in Canada. Do you have their link?

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