30 August 2008

My lunch box is full

I hope my cubby partner likes it.

Happy Labor Day weekend, y'all! I can't believe summer is over. It went so fast.

I surely have earned my day of rest because I spent all day laboring. SO was off to the races this morning at 6:45. I woke up with him; it was hot in here, and I sleep light, so I told him to have a good time, then came and sat in bed watching Sleeping with the Enemy on A&E. Not the best movie to watch first thing in the morning, but I love it. Though I do have to ask myself why I jump everytime she opens the cabinets--seriously, it's not like her husband could fit in the cabinet, right, but I jump like a bunny EVERY TIME and I've seen this movie more than a few times.

I ran errands all morning--dog food for the twins because the brand they eat is sold at Tractor Supply and we don't have those in my county, oil change, and grocery store, plus a trip to the LNS. I kitted up Kingdom of the Ice Dragon, but only otherwise bought for my exchange partner. I thought I was pretty well behaved, but it was still an expensive trip.

I hope she likes what I bought her: 2 LHN charts, a JBW country French chart, LK Listen/Learn Flip-it (I thought that was good for a school exchange) which I kitted up for her with DMC and linen and a LK September Flip-it. Then I ran by Michaels to get her one of the $1 journals (love those) and to get Chinese takeout boxes to put SO's family's candy in.

Then I came home and started cooking for my daddy's family reunion. It's in Pennsylvania, so I have a 2-3 hour drive ahead of me tomorrow morning. I don't know if it's particularly normal the way my parents' families do the reunions. but we just do a potluck. Daddy's family is pretty large, and they are more adventurous eaters, so I am bringing watermelon feta cheese salad, and unstuffed chicken stuffed shells. Plus I made SO fried chicken and macaroni salad, because I don't think he's going with us this, due to the racetrack being in Southern Maryland and we're in Northern Maryland.

So I finally have some time to write. I am making amazingly fast progress on my geisha. I'm almost done the lining in her kimono. SO asked me last night how many UFOs I have that are in the same state of completeness as that one. I told him I think that was the only one. Usually I abandon them WAY earlier, LOL. I just think this one outpaced my talent at the time I worked on it. I know I keep finding missed stitches and counting errors. But it's OK now, she's getting done!

Please pray for the citizens of the Gulf Coast tonight as Hurrican Gustav threatens. I know anything is fixable, but a heart takes a while to repair when it's been broken, and they've just started to get their spirit back down there and they don't need this. Our country doesn't need this.

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Pumpkin said...

That's what our family does and it's SO much easier :o) Plus it's fun to try new recipes! I hope you have a good time and a great visit.

I was watching the updates on Gustav. Terrible. Makes me thankful for where I live.

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls