04 April 2007

1.5 squares to go

Today I am working on the last square of Santa's Journey, and I am ready to get that booger done. I stitched through lunch and got a lot of the word "Christmas" done, complete with the French knots, and then realized I had miscounted one of the letters. So I had to pick out those bleepin' French knots. And I thought this would be easier. But at least it's one square closer to being finished. I only have the one with Santa by the bed left to do. And then I am doing something simple, with minimal backstitch if I can help it.

I did stop in at Michael's last night. They were having a 4/$1 sale and I needed floss for some smaller projects. So I got that, and some fabric. I hate digging through my fabric stash, and since a certain small man of the feline persuasion has decided my hand-dyeds are perfect to sleep in--fortunately they are mine, so I can wash them--I am not looking forward to digging in there to look for natural linen.

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