22 April 2007

Not much stitch-worthy to discuss today

I am still working diligently on Emma's Garden. It has been much easier with the Daylight bulb. But it seems like the floss is being used up fast. But thats OK, I wasn't planning on using it for anything else. It's really pretty, though. Very spring-y.
But other than that, not much going on. I delved into the money I had put aside for vacation to buy floss for the two Bent Creek rows. Just $7, though. I will be sorta glad when my two little vacations are over. Two in two weeks is a lot to deal with, financially. Oh, my order from Sewandso came yesterday. I was pretty stoked about that, but they aren't on the 50, so have to wait. But then again, Emma's Garden wasn't on the 50 either. CRAP!
One more thing, we ordered the porch furniture this weekend. I plan to use it as a SSfS (Special Spot for Stitching), so this is important. It's really comfortable furniture. Once I finish fixing the screen door, I plan on spending a lot of time out on that porch. Can you think of a more perfect way to spend a Saturday than on the side porch with a glass of iced tea, my stitching and the dog?

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