20 April 2007

Stuck with no access to the boards

Well, at least I still have my blog. I can post to 123, read my Yahoo at work at lunch, just can't access it til Luke gets back from Colorado. Woo hoo.

Anyway, Mom came home last night with a bag o stuff from the Episcopal Church rummage sale. She got me 6 old Stoney Creek mags from the late 80s--I had 4, but still 2 new ones!--, three Kate Greenaway kits from Permin, a book of flowers and two national park kits. The National Park kits are super-cute. She got all that for the immense cost of $4.25. She said she didn't want to write a check for it so she was going through the car for money. Obviously my mom has never shopped on E-bay or been a college student.

I am working on a really beautiful Monochrome sampler right now. It's called Emma's Garden. Because I am AWESOME (awesomely what I am not sure right now, but I am awesome), I chose 40-count fabric. This is NOT a good choice if one is simultaneously far-sighted and near-sighted. It's pretty, but my poor eyes. I think this is a sign that I need to see the doctor, as it has been 4 years since I had my eyes examined, and I am too young at 30 to be squinting. I am using Mom's Daylight lamp, which is great, but has an abysmal magnifier (or else my eyes just don't function correctly with it, a realistic idea since my eyes do not function to back a car up either). It's making slow progress, but I chose a beautiful Needle Necessities floss to do it in, all purples and greens, and it's gorgeous. I chose the chart and thread on St. Patrick's Day, and, considering what was happening and the fact that I was crushed, I did a strikingly great job picking a combo. Hopefully I will get this situation with the computer straightened out to show it off. I am not big on the monochromatic samplers, but this is just really pretty!

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