13 April 2007

May have time to stitch due to the Nor'easter

I am hoping to get some major work in on this project this week. I went out at lunch on a magazine quest, but got a couple stitches done. At Home with Jane Austen is not a hard stitch, such a pleasure after all the hard times with Santa's Journey.

I am going to Nashville in May. Hopefully Brea and I will get to Hobby Lobby. Becky said it was not good anymore, but I think the novelty of it will be a change from AC Moore. I hate AC Moore for stitching supplies. It used to be I wouldn't go to Michael's, but Michael's has fabric. I don't really have time to run to the LNS all the time, and I am not that big on ordering on line. It was nice to be able to go to AC Moore and get what I need. Now it's down to an aisle and a half of stitching.

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