26 April 2007

Battling the Frog

The frog visited this week. I had to frog out so much, I was so frustrated, but it was my own stupid fault.

I was blithely stitching along on my upper alphabet, when I realized that the alphabet on the left didn't match the alphabet on the left. I had messed up one of my viney mabobs, and that threw EVERYTHING off. The bird, the alphabet. And I had already had to pick out a bunch because I screwed up the bird tulips. Now I am sure that I could have left it wrong. No one would have noticed. My daddy's mother would have left it wrong and said it was a family original. But I am not all my daddy's family and I prefer to do things right, and I would know it was wrong. So I've picked it all out. I should still have enough floss to do the picture, but it annoys me when I throw off my rhythm by screwing up. Plus, it was not easy to pick it out of 40 count fabric. But I did, and now I am fixing it.

I was so peeved at myself over the whole situation that I put it aside and picked up Ghost Wind, by Kustom Krafts. I am not far enough along on it to really show pictures, but I've got about 500 stitches in. It's not a bad stitch, I am just finally using a highlighter. But somehow, I managed to not buy all the floss I needed. Kills me. I have an extremely large stash, and I don't have two of the skeins I needed.

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