11 April 2007

Stitching with Naked nails tonight

My nails, which are usually some exotic color, are now Malaysian Mist. I sorta felt like being pale for a while. I've noticed, the women I try to model myself after do not stroll around with brightly colored acrylic nails. I have been looking like Anna Nicole Smith lately, and I don't want that. I also had my eyebrows done. Kelly was a little bewildered by the $12 tip. I told her I felt like spending money to be beautful today--two years ago today I stayed off work and met the bastard. I probably should have gone to work. Anyway, I don't want to be depressed today, so now I have pretty eyebrows. I may actually iron a shirt tonight, slap on that really good Maybelline mascara tomorrow, and do flirty eyes. I feel like flirting.

Anyway, back to stitchy for now. I think I have now set a new record for my own personal number of trips to Michaels on consecutive days. I have been twice, yesterday and today. Yesterday was buying for Mom's Fanci That Summer Window Spots, and today I bought for the Easter Sanman freebies. I think I am going to do Spring Planting on Blue, and the little Easter on just plain white.

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