14 April 2007

Cruisin the Web

I found a couple more really cool sites today as I was cruising the information superhighway. Far more easier, and more fuel-efficient than cruising the real highway--I got flipped off by some a-hole in a mini-van/SUV thingy because they wouldn't merge. You CAN NOT sit in the merge lane for 15 minutes waiting for traffic to die down on my road. It's one of the major roads into NW DC. It is not going to happen. And he flipped me off. I should have turned around and flipped him off, but I wouldn't want to use one of my nakey-manicure nails in so vile a way. So, for the a-hole who just had to wait 15 minutes for the lanes to clear so you could make the turn into the street by the Y, I surf the net to find new things for people who know how to use their fingers for something other than the bird to look at. I have added the links to the left.

I did have S.E.X (had to go back and fix that, otherwise this was going to be TMI and Noneyabidness--thank goodness I checked this) today. I was trying to be good. I only bought a couple extra charts, other than that, I bought fabric for Bent Creek Winter and Summer Rows, which are on my 50 list, a skein of NN for a Ruby Slipper Designs that I have in my stash and a Midnight Stitching Halloween Chart. Oh, and the new Loose Feathers Club. I did not commit to buy all of them, because I do not like stitching Blackbird Designs that much. And I also got a duplicate of a chart Mom lost. And I tried to sit down and stitch on Jane Austen. I can't move on if I can't finish this one.

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