24 April 2007

More Lunch stitching

I stitched again at lunch today. I am making really great progress on this sampler. I did have to pick out the flowers after I took this photo last night, but I think the new flowers look better. I was having issues with the way the one on the right under the left bird looked, but it's all purple now. So it looks better.

Anyway, it was a bad morning in the land of flood insurance today. They were getting on us about how loud we were when other people were on the phone. I try really hard to be quiet, but, please remember I am a trained stage actress, I have three tone levels, backstage, stage whisper and project across the theatre. And, Lord, do I want to tell a story. Anyway, I didn't get talked to about it, but I was having one of those days where I wanted to tell people, "Why don't you call back when you feel like LISTENING to what I have to tell you?" And it was a really nice day outside, so I went and sat outside in the car and stitched. My deer friends were crashing around back behind the building, so I watched them while I worked. I didn't want to go back in.

But my boss told me that my phone calls that they monitored yesterday were EXCELLENT. I am stoked about that. I really try not to give crappy service, so whenever my efforts get acknowledged, that is GOOD. I am trying really really hard to be good and get noticed. It was very empowering to get that dude last week calmed down. I let him go through the obligatory, "My agent sucks, you suck, FEMA sucks," rant, and then, cause it was time to go home, and I can think of much more interesting things to do after 6 than hear how much we suck, I was like, "Sir, I hate to cut you off, but can I get your policy number?" in my Southern Belle voice And it was like it broke him off out of his rant. Anyway, since I figured out the power of stepping into the middle of their rant, I am able to take control of the conversation. And that fixes things

So now you see why I stitch at lunch

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