02 April 2007

I lasted 21/2 weeks on the wagon

I was trying not to buy stash, but I can't find the purple braid that I know I have in this house (and I know I have it, because I stitched a chart with it and didn't use the whole spool) and I need for Waxing Moon's Hallween Bell Pull. And I need some tea-dyed monaco to stitch something from a Cross Stitch Gold, and I can't find it now that AC Moore has basically gotten rid of the useful cross stitch supplies. So I ordered it from Joanne, and of course I had to get the Mystic Stitch pattern that I fell in love with at Woodlawn. The lady that stitched it got back to me, which was super-cool of her.

I am one step closer to starting Tail of the Tabby. I brought the rice steamer in the house, LOL. We need to get space to work. But the electrician came in so we will have air conditioning in the summer.

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