09 March 2008

Not very stitchy, but pretty cool

This is my SO's Mustang, getting dyno tested back in November. It's not quite this color anymore. It has a silver body now, and everything from right below the windows up is sparkly black. If I can't have navy and silver, I'll take sparkly black. We like sparkly! This car is his pride and joy. He literally bought the car with high mileage, removed everything, and has it to the point that it's faster than a Cobra, and I am so proud of him.

I don't listen to this with the sound on. Apparently, it is pretty loud. SO enjoyed pointing out the guy who resisted putting his hands over his ears. He said he was pretty cocky til they fired the thing up, LOL.

Besides, I can always repaint the Neon sparkly navy blue and silver.

Yeah . . .

I'll have to discuss this with him.

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Pumpkin said...

I wish I could see the video but I'm on dial up :o( Sounds like he did a beautiful job on the car though.

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