03 March 2008

Choices, choices, choices

Here I am, in a new month, where I can start ANYTHING, as long as it's small, and little indecisive me can't decide what to start. All the cute little Cricket Collection Easter charts. Brooke's Books Halloween Tea Party. Sheep In the Meadow. it's all calling to me. I think I should start Sheep in the Meadow, because that is a fair entry, and I am woefully behind on those.

But I do have to laugh at myself. I was looking at the fabric for Sheep In the Meadow, trying to figure out if one of all those pieces of Stoney Point linen that I bought would work for it. Oh, it definitely would, cause it's the fabric they used in the model. I laugh because I rarely ever buy fabric for charts until I am ready to stitch them. And I almost never have the called-for fabric in my stash. I don't roll like that. I bought this fabric months ago, and just ordered the chart well, back when I was asking what I could stitch. So it's pretty cool that my hoarding ways have benefitted me because for once, I have the fabric I need. It's not the same color as in the picture--that is like a light green and mine is a rich blue-green--but photos lie.

I do have a magazine review for you this entry. The latest issue of American Cross Stitcher is KICK BUTT. I ran across it at Borders, looking for the issue of Stoney Creek between the last one on my subscription and the one when my new subscription starts in June. They didn't have that one, but they did have this one.

Of course there are two St. Patrick's Day designs. I don't do St Patrick's Day. I am Irish, but my family focused more on being Pennsylvania Dutch and not so much on the Irish part--I told SO I can't cook corned beef and cabbage, that can be his doing. One of the designs is for a photo album. The other is a little design by Pam Kellogg that says Erin go Braugh with little flowers and shamrocks. That's not so St. Patrick's Day, more like Irish, so that wouldn't be too bad, if you know someone who does Irish things.

The cover design is a very sweet Easter Egg bag with bunnies and ducklings on it. I am liking Joan Elliott's designs a lot more, and these bunnies have such a soft, gentle expression. And the ducks are cute, too! I think this would be great for a child, but, heck, I would be willing to make it for me and put it out since we do exchange gifts in my family. The bonus is that they took the ducks and made an ornament out of them.

There are WONDERFUL ornaments in this issue as well. They took the little ducks off the Easter bag and made an ornament. There are chicks, and a real traditional ornie. Also, and I am so using this for one of my Bride's Tree's ornies, a little bird on a nest with eggs in it. Very lovely. Something for everyone.

There are some bunnies on a pillow by DMC. Pretty nice, but I think they were a freebie from DMC, and one of my major magazine annoyances is when they put freebies or designs from kits in the magazine. But then again, I've saved money on OOP kits that way, so I don't complain too much.

Another entry is a pretty dogwood tray made by framing the picture and adding cabinet hardware. Not such a bad idea in general. Since I am always looking around Lowe's for S.E.X., this could be a good thing--I could spend an hour in the kitchen hardware aisle.

I won't go into the monthly appearance of a Gail Bussi design. I've made myself clear about how I feel about her stuff. And the woman's grooming table design . . . though, I could almost see that as a dresser tray if we added the cabinet hardware, then i could put all my "products" on it. Hmmmm, I never thought about it like that.

There is a lovely design by Lois Winston of little birds, with the saying, "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you've forgotten the words." I am so blessed to have so many people in my life that this would be so appropriate for. Hmmm. I dogeared this one.

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Pumpkin said...

What ticks me off is that I have SO much fabric but I STILL won't have the fabric recommended. Murphy's Law I guess ;o)

Thanks for the magazine review. Bunnies huh? Oh boy!

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