13 March 2008

Changing the format a little

I am working on improving the reading experience for this blog, so decided to play a little with the comments format. I switched it so that you don't have to have blog on here to comment--which should make it better if someone uses a different format--and I have decided to moderate the comments. Not that I would do anything to comments about my blog, but I got a couple spam comments, and I am not into that. So this should help a little.

Not much is happening today. My friend Kathy sent me the newest WOXS, so that was in the mailbox last night. It was a pretty good issue. They had a story about the designer, Alison's Animals. She does very detailed and cute cartoony animals. She did another one for one of the issues in December. The story said she was looking for someone to do her work in cross stitch. Any cross stitch companies out there, you should pick up her work. It's adorable.

I am about three quarters of the way finished with the chicken pillow. I think I may just work on that tonight to get it finished. It is pretty darn cute, in an elegant way. But I am telling Mom, it better not end up on the couch with the dogs and cats. Robbie, being of a noble bent, will certainly try to lay all over it, and that is the last thing I need--I don't care how many countries he holds championships in and that he has some of the most gorgeous fur in Schipperkedom, dog hair is dog hair is dog hair.

I am taking the day off of work tomorrow to get a makeover for spring at the salon, then go the Woodlawn show in Alexandria, and then get hot wings for dinner for SO and myself. I don't know what I am more excited about, LOL. At this point, the hot wings are out in front, but I am so excited about the other things, too. I haven't cut my hair in almost 18 months, so it's halfway down my back. I decided it needs to be cut because I need two bottles of haircolor now, and, at $20 a box, if I need two, I really am not saving much doing it myself. SO just asked that it not be short, because he knows how long it takes to grow out (yeah, about 18 months) and that I get antsy when it's in my face. He's right, so I can accomodate that. And I do love the Woodlawn show. It always inspires me; hopefully, this year, the cross stitchers will have a stronger presence than they did before. I didn't enter anything because it is kind of expensive to enter things, and I didn't have anything that I thought was "up to snuff", but next year, I might. It's still fun to go, because you never know who you will see things from. There were gorgeous hand-embroidered costumes from a guy in Kentucky. So beautiful. And all the cool canvaswork. I am not a needlepointer, but it's so pretty.

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