18 March 2008

I wonder if I could count this as a small

I was leafing through my magazines last night and found the May 2001 Stitcher's World. If you have this one, it's the issue with the little Cute as a Bug design by BOAF on the cover. Which is a cute design, but I don't have a reason to stitch it. Anyway, I was looking through the magazine, which I love to do, because I have an affinity for the older designs--funny, this is a 7-year-old magazine and I am saying it is older, but I think the designs were better earlier, at least in the American mags--because I compete with my stitching and I worry someone else will stitch the same thing better than me--AAACK! Anyway, I found the cutest little purse design. It's a beehive, with little bees and blackberries all around, and a fancy beaded fringe. Very artsy. The magazine shows it in needlepoint, which I can not do, but also has instructions for cross stitch.

I want to do it. It's adorable. It's quirky. It's unusual, especially if I can rock the beaded fringe. It would be quick to stitch, not too bad to finish, either. And . . . it's a potential fair entry. It's only 4 3/4 by 9 1/3 inches long and there really isn't a lot of stitching involved. This is more about the finishing. I guess I could try to get it started. I should be done with Creepy by the end of the week, I'll have time.

And it doesn't necessarily have to be a PURSE, it could be a needlebook. Lord knows I need one of those. I did load up on 28 petite needles on Friday, because I want to use them for Pointsettias and Pinecones, which I am doing on 40 count. I know, I really don't want to have useful eyes by the time I am 60, do I? But what's the point of buying them if I have no place to store them, and I am rapidly coming to the realization that sticking my spare needles in the selvedge of projects is NOT a viable storage option. They don't stay there, for one thing. One day, when we are cleaning out the house, we're gonna find them all over the floor, in between the floorboards, probably under the stove. SO found one in the carpet in the livingroom, I put it in my drawer in the dresser, it's probably wodged in the dresser boards now.

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Jennifer said...

I have one of these magnetic needle cases and I love it. You can get them cheap at Joanns in the quilting section.

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