28 March 2008

Friday Foolishness: It's Prom Season

And in that spirit, I present

Duct tape prom

I only found this site because one of my co-workers was a prior contestant (which makes me feel old). I am not sure how to take this site. It's innovative, and creative. Far more creative than we ever were able to be in the early 90's--I went to a school who had, "I will always Love You" as the prom theme 3 years in a row, if this gives you an idea of how we were, though, in all fairness, the early 90s were not the best years for music and "I'm Too Sexy" would have been COMPLETELY inappropriate as a theme. But at the same time, this is PROM. Someday, 30 years from now, these people will have children who will wonder what the HECK their parents were thinking when they look at some of these photos. And, probably, had this contest even been around back in 1994, the school wouldn't have let someone enter prom in a duct-tape dress. I know my mom wouldn't have let me out the house in one--she was upset because I bought a knee-length dress and she felt it should be ankle-length, but I had good legs and I wanted to show them off. Not that I got the chance because my date was an ass and bailed on me when it was too late to get a date and I spent prom night at Chichis with my underclassman friends, eating Mexican fried ice cream and dreaming of payback (BTW, the girl he bailed on me for was about twice my size and had a bad perm and cankles, and, although we were not sure if this happened before or after their marriage, she bailed on him and refused to return the $5000 engagement ring. You decide who came out ahead on that deal.)

Back to the original topic, though, because this is not about my prom experience, I do think this is interesting, though. My co-worker advised me that it is not a comfortable wearing experience, and rendered him sweaty. I can only imagine. But he did say it was waterproof--pretty awesome and good to know. Generation X was all about the protest; think of all we could have accomplished if we'd had less righteous indignation and been more like Generation Y.

We've decided that, for the next premiere at the theatre, we are making duct tape ensembles. I've decided I need a duct tape tube top--as long as I pair that sucker with a modest skirt,heck a ballgown skirt, maybe a nice light-weight cardigan, I am in compliance with the dress code. It's creative, it's theatrical, it's fascinating.


Mindy said...

Yeah, I can't imagine they were comfortable outfits to wear. Then again, normal formalwear usually isn't very comfy, either. :)

I think this is really creative and some of those dresses are amazing. I think if we were offered something like this in high school, some of us would have done it. It never would have been offered, though. I graduated from a FL high school in 1989 and it was only my last two years that we were allowed to wear shorts. That only happened after some guys wore above-the-knee skirts to school to make a point, and it worked.

So, I doubt a school district that frowned on shorts in FL (and we had to go outside between classes) would have allowed duct-tape dresses.

Pumpkin said...

Yes, that seems to be the "thing" here now. But duct tape has been a Canadian thing for a long time. Just look up or watch Red Green ;o)

I graduated in 1989 and it was a BAD time for hair, music and clothes! Oh well, it's a time in history and that's all I consider it.

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