24 January 2008

Another finish

I decided that I wasn't going to do a lot of organizing last night. I got my nails done and, after she picked the acrylic off my left thumb, it hurt so bad, I didn't feel like messing with heavy boxes.

So I plunked myself down and decided to finish one of the little free Halloween ornaments from Sanman board. I had started it back around Halloween, but put it aside. So I finished it last night. I did the one with the ghost and the little cat on it. I won't post a pic til I get all of them stitched because I am sending to my fabulous finisher, AKA my Aunt B, to make ornies. There are 20 of them, so this may take a while, LOL.

I joined the Bride's Tree SAL yesterday and am looking forward to it. The first month is a house. I was looking through my magazines last night, and I came up with the idea of stitching a front door and then having it finished as a house shape. Wouldn't that be killer? Now to find the perfect front door in the next week.


Jennifer said...

The 2007 JCS orament issue has a front door ornament.

Pumpkin said...

Those SM Halloween patterns are so cute! Will you make a Halloween tree?

I wanted to join that SAL but there is just not enough time in my life :o(

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