04 January 2008

More mag reviews

OK, able to write more.

Next up, we have Cross Stitch Collection, Issue 152

I think it's pretty obvious that I love this magazine. If I could subscribe to a British magazine, this would be the one. I love the fact that they have charts that you just can't find in America. And, unlike Cross Stitch Gold, which also happens to be a favorite, they don't usually put charts in that you can buy as a kit. I have to relate this story, because it's one of those horror stories you pray does not happen to you.

In the winter of 2003, around Christmas, someone on 123 discovered a gorgeous Pollyanna Pickering design of polar bears. She wanted to know if the kit could be had. The whole board searched for this kit in England, and she found a kit, apparently the last kit in the UK, and had it sent to her, for the mind-boggling price of $100US. Not a month later, the design was in Gold. AAAACK! I think I would cry--even to kit up a mag design is not $100. But that has taught me a valuable lesson. Think long and hard about spending big bucks on a UK kit cause eventually it'll end up in a magazine.

Anyway, as I am wont to do, I have been digressing. Please excuse me, my New Year's resolution was to stop drinking soda and, well, there is not enough caffeine in the iced tea I have been drinking to get rid of the slight headache I had all day today.

This is another fantastic issue of this magazine. The only design that I could not see myself potentially stitching is the Jane Netley Mayhew. Everything else is pretty stinking cool. There is a pretty Christmas AOY design--speaking of which, I need to do another one of those because I have 10 kits in my stash, and they were a pretty substantial investment back in 2003.

Sheila Hudson also has a pretty design called Winter Walk, though I do have to say that, since North American deer don't look quite like British deer (not saying this in a bad way, but they don't look alike), I would take the horns off. Otherwise, it's very pretty and it would be good to leave up all winter. There is also a nice little ballerina.

I also saw nice robin designs. I figured out a couple years ago that, even though I am not into cards, the designs they do for cards in the winter would make perfect ornaments. They are small, quick stitches, minimal commitment, and these robin designs would look great on a tree.

A new feature in the magazine is the stitching star. I think this is a good addition to the magazine. I love to see what other people stitch, and I like to find out about what compells them to stitch that. Perhaps that is the reason I enjoy blogging so much, because it's not just, "Look at what I stitched," there's a story behind it. I used to love the Diary section of Quick and Easy for that reason. I wanted to be a part of that, but I realize that, by the third entry, it would have been, "I hate this bleeping project. It makes me crazy." or, "Do quilters have to put up with this?" followed by a bunch of cursing. At least here, it's not so embarrassing when I say that.

there is a sweet little blue and white design. I think this year, I am going to try to do some designs to be mounted on boxes again. I made one in 2005 for an exchange where we had to give something we stitched (I suck at finishing, so ornaments are not a great choice for me to do), so the little box turned out cute. The lady I gave it to liked it; she uses it at Christmas . I have been wanting to do something like that again, and I have a pretty star-shaped box to use, but I am just afraid to screw it up. Anyway, this would be pretty cute as a practice piece. It might make a good Mother's Day gift--anyone can use a pretty little box, right?

I also like the pretty design called, "A Year In Flowers," with a different flower for each month. I am not a flower person necessarily--they need to be bright to strike my fancy--but I like these.

This is also pretty good for the non-project pages. I like the letters, and someone has completed Summer Ball, by Sandy Littlejohn. I am always awed by someone who can complete one of her designs as they are beyond NOT easy. And someone has done that baby in sepia again! Oh, to be able to start him . . .

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Pumpkin said...

I do agree they feature some nice patterns and articles. I just wish they weren't so expensive :o(

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