15 May 2007

The 50 is starting to pay off

I never thought it would. But, I am really seeing a good change. I have so many projects off there kitted up, and by focusing, I think it really helps me! I bought some supplies for 3 projects off there yesterday--4 Seasons House, winter Gathering, and whatever one the snowman is for Sweetheart Company. Winter Gathering should be a quick stitch for me. I think I have some fabric I can use for the snowman, even though I have to purchase the button pack and frame for it and I can buy floss for 4 Seasons House at Michaels. I am really getting out of using overdyeds, which I know is odd because I want to sell my own line of them, but it is so much easier to run over to the store and buy the plain stuff and it's just as pretty. I am not ashamed of that. But, that said, I want to do Monkey Sampler from Midsummer Night in overdyeds. I just have to work through the list for a while. I do have to say Midsummer Night Designs lend themselves to Vikki Clayton silks like you don't want to know. I did Mistress Prim and Mistress Proper in them and it was gorgeous.

I am probably an hour away from finishing Summer Row tonight, but I am going to the gym. My vacation photos make me look like a mountain, and I attribute it to stitching too much. So I am going tonight. Besides, I can enjoy my stitching time more when its precious!

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