29 May 2007

Forgot to Mention

My mom and I were in a neat antique/folk art store this weekend, and I found a beautiful old nightdress. It had a little note attached to it explaining that it had been patched several times and that if you have little, nothing is wasted. And it was neatly patched several places. And had such beautiful crochet work around it. The lady who owns the store told us it was probably late 1800s to early 1900s. It was one of those things that you have to buy because you know your life will not be as complete if you do not have it. I thought about it, and, since I am redoing my bedroom as a boudoir, what is better to have than a vintage nightgown. I will put it on a simple old hanger, and put it up on the wall. After all,I am in good stead; Betsey Johnson, the designer, hung her bedroom with nightdresses.

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