28 May 2007

I majorly screwed up

I so screwed up Kitty Dreams. I was off one stitch up at the top and it just racked up EVERYTHING. Mom kept saying it was only one stitch off, but I'm really incredibly picky about my stitching. It needs to be perfect. Not because someone would notice, but because I would notice. Anyway, I worked on picking it out last night--picking out intricately shaded motifs that have been backstitched is a bitch. But I finished the cat today, and I have one of his pillows done. The other two should not be so bad.

I did go back to that store this weekend in Somerset. I bought the other pack of Loose Threads and some charts, I even found the 20 count linen I need for A Cats A Cat. Which I thought was pretty cool.

Not much else is going on this weekend. I went to Lowe's this morning to look for a cover for the grill, and ended up buying new pulls for the kitchen cupboards. I can't afford new ones, but I can fix these. I thought if I bought some pretty stain, and stained them dark, then put these pulls on, they would be really pretty. I also was looking at paint for the kitchen as well, because I might as well paint in there if we are redoing the rest of the house. I was inspired by a pitcher Brea and I saw at Hobby Lobby, so the colors I was thinking were a rich brown for the cabinets, a soft aqua on the walls (not really a tropical aqua, but an aqua) and cream for the trim. I also had me a brainstorm, since I am redoing the dining room with half panelling and chair rail, and we've got a wonky wall in the kitchen with half panelling on it, I could continue the panelling in the kitchen.

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