25 May 2007

no self control

So much for my brilliant plan. I went home last night and worked onKitty Dreams. I felt bad because I haven't worked on him at all this week at work, and he needs to be finished. So I worked pretty hard on him. He is starting to look like a cat, but he needs the backstitching desperately. There is a lot of shading in him, but he will be really cute when he's done. And I betwill not cost an arm and a leg to frame because all I have to do is have him stretched. I can get a mat and frame at AC Moore for him. But I can work on him tonight and get at least him finished, then get his stack o pillows done Monday.

I think one of my summer projects this year will be to get all my stash organized. It really is getting out of control. I found a bag of Weeks floss in a box this week. Now that must stop. Even if I can get it organized and kit up charts with floss--like Happy Camper that I know I kitted up last summer, and there is that one Ronnie Rowe cat chart--and have boxes with kits, charts, fabric and things like that, that would make much better sense. The major problem is, those full boxes weigh so much. I have to work on this. It's all getting way too overwhelming, and that is not a relaxing hobby.

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