07 May 2007

I have an Announcement

I am going to try to work on Hummingbird Trellis this year. Not just wuss around about it, but I am going to work on it. I started it in 2005, realized I had turned the fabric right, had to pick out the first square, put it aside, I guess I was peeved and then I got into working on HOHRH, and then picked it up and finished one square, started another after John and I broke up, and then realized it was too frigging hot in Maryland to work on an afghan. I think I was impressing myself with the fact that I made color working copies and put them in a paper folder like I used to use in college. However, I really should get that out and work on it. At this rate I will be finished sometime in my 60s, and that will mean I will be working on Nature's Home when I am 90, and based on the performance of my eyes, I ain't gonna be able to do a Stoney Creek at that age. Plus I need something that is gonna just straight kick ass at the fair.

I realize I am pinning a lot of hopes on HOHRH this year. But I think I really have a chance. But i need next year's great winner!

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