24 May 2007

I must have ADD

Or else I get myself into way too many projects. I went home last night, after the dogpark, fully intending on working on Kitty Dreams, and realized that I really need to work on the Brittercup fox that I started for a SAL with my friend Kathy. She is working on her stag from the same book, I am fooling around on mine and stuffed him in an envelope with just his paws done. So I pulled him out last night and worked on him. I decided I can work on Kitty Dreams at lunch and him at home. He is really cute. I changed the colors out because we have RED foxes, not black foxes here. So I am stitching him in Sweet Potato. I hope to have him done by the end of the month, but if not, we will say by the end of next week. He doesn't seem to be that hard, just a matter of finding the right colors to switch out the berries to. I did pull out some of my hand-dyeds that I did to use for leaves, but as always, I had to suddenly get antsy about it and not want to use them, which leaves the question, If you aren't going to use them, why did you dye them in the first place? So I may reconsider, but I will probably just end up using something else. I am pathetic like that. I guess it's the collector (lets be honest here, the packrat) in me. Then I finish Kitty Dreams, then that square for Hummingbird Trellis, then work on the Britter Critters.

That is the plan at least,

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