23 May 2007

Plugging away

I worked on the cat on Kitty Dreams all last night and this morning. It's a tricky stitch, but I really am enjoying it. There is something very pretty about Sue Hillis designs, maybe because they don't require fancy threads or have to be professionally framed to be really beautiful. And the colors on this are so pretty, rich golds against aqua and purple. Any design that uses all those 200 range purples is pretty cool with me. I don't know how much work I will be getting done on it tonight, because I am using my night off from the gym to take the dogs to the dog park, but I am plugging away on it.

I think I am doing good as far as finishes this year. We are a little less than halfway through the year, and I've gotten quite a few things accomplished. Of course, my Britter Critters are not finished, and we are supposed to be getting fabric for them in July, and there is still the matter of the afghans I haven't been working on, but, still this is good progress. I don't imagine that I got nearly this many things done last year, but then again, I was doing major retail therapy because of the ex, so it was more about S.E.X. than stitching. This is the year to get stuff finished.

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