20 May 2007

Break from Stitching

I really didn't stitch much this weekend. Saw some stitchy stuff, but didn't stitch much. We hit some yard sales, and I found a little bellpull. It was 10 cents. Couldn't pass that up. And the next yard sale had a bunch of magazines, but I didn't buy many of them. The lady wanted $1 a piece, I can't spend that on old magazines. I found one with a cool Halloween pattern. She was also selling some beautifully framed finished pieces, but she wanted $100. Aunt Susan liked them, though, so she may be getting at least one for a future holiday.

It was a long drive back though. We got stuck on the bridge into the tunnel, behind a disabled vehicle. That was pretty creepy Chance was hot. I had to turn on the A/C for her.

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