21 May 2007

Finally found the right fabric

After 3 attempts, I finally got the right color for my Autumn Sampler! Woo hoo. Now to get some other projects finished, so I can use it. BTW, what the heck am I gonna do with a fat half of tea-dyed Monaco, and one of buttermilk Jobelan, LOL? I guess stitch more.

I put Hummingbird Trellis down, but not forever. I want to finish Sue Hillis' Kitty Dreams. I know this is not on the 50 list, but it is a WIP and if I finish it, I can move one of the other projects into the travel binder. I really really can not say enough about how that binder is a wonderful thing to keep projects organized. I really love it. I really got my $30 out of that gift pack. I am already planning on putting Mary Hickmott's Nativity in that binder. That should protect it.

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