31 May 2007

I Finally Got to Stitch at Lunch today

Woo hoo!

First I was going to sit in the office and just work on my project, but the Internet is so distracting that I never get anything done. So I was going to go work in my car, because it was in the garage, but then I decided I would suck it up and get new windsheild wiper blades for the car, since mine are factory installed and the car IS 3 years old. So first I went to the auto parts store (yet again, I ask, why in the HELL do men seem to feel the need to handle auto repairs in the parking lots of auto parts store, cause they will, if allowed, rebuild a transmission out in front of Pep Boys). Anywho, got the wipers, and headed back. Since I was thrifty with my time on the way back, I had 15 minutes to stitch, and you better believe I stitched.

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