06 May 2007

Too windy to stitch at the beach

I went down to Breezy Point again today. I was looking for shark teeth, but I really wanted to have a pretty place to cross stitch. I figure I deserved it after cleaning off the side porch so the new patio furniture can be delivered. Nikki-doo has already stated that she will be the official guard dog of the porch. And you will not believe what I found out there. A brand-new, still in the box, gas grill. It begs so many questions: who bought it, why we haven't noticed it out there, why it was never set up and used, and more importantly, how soon can we fire it up and get some burgers going?

But back to my story here, so I decided, after last week's shark teeth find, I would go back, find some teeth and try to finish Emma's Garden. So I drove down. OK, it was crazy windy down there. I realize the place is called Breezy Point for a reason now. I was sand-blasted. And it was cold. You don't notice these things when it's 90, you do when it's 59. It was sorta cold today. So I went looking for shark teeth. I did pretty good. I didn't find many really close to the water, most were in the dry sand, where you never find it in the summer. But the biggest one was right at the waterline. It's about as big as my thumbnail.

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