08 May 2007

no blogging for the next couple of days

I think I stated this before, but I will be out of town the next couple of days on vacation. As, other than last week, I have not been on vacation and received pay for it since CATS 2005, this is a big deal for me. The downside is, this is not stitchy-related, so will not be blogging. I will instead, be gem-hunting in North Carolina. I decided that I need to expand my horizons, as there is more to life than cross stitch, work, the cats, and dealing with my crazy parents, so this looked like fun. I am a little miffed the aquamarine mine isn't open, but I can always go back next year. But in early June, cause the one thing I pride myself on, other than I've managed to get to age 30 and have never seen Princess Bride, is that I have never fainted in public, and working in the heat in summer, much like standing in line at the model horse convention, makes me prone to passing out.

So I have decided what project I am taking on the plane and will work on. I opted for Summer Row by Bent Creek. It has more color changes that Winter Row, but I like stitching colors and I can't stitch snowmen in the spring. And I bought a pair of toenail clippers to take on the plane to cut. Now I am still bringing Winter Row along, just in case I get tired of Summer, but hopefully, I can get some work done. I really do like the freedom of working on the 50. I can work on any of the 50 projects without feeling guilt. I know I said yesterday that I was going to work on Hummingbird Trellis, but I don't feel that is a vacation project. A vacation project needs to be simple, and Hummingbird is not simple.

I also started Like Feathered Wings today. I didn't get much done, because I went for lunch, and til I got back, got it ate, and started stitching, lunch was almost over. I like the colors I am doing. I much prefer grey and black horses to the browns it was charted with. So we shall see how this goes. It should be pretty.

And I finally got Virginia the dimensions for my frame for Autumn Nap. Woo hoo! I am starting to get antsy about fair entries. I think, depending on how broke I am on Monday, I am taking two small projects over to Stitching Post to get framed. I think I can afford the $25 to get both mounted. One would hope. I want to enter Emma's Garden in the fair, but not sure about getting it framed. I don't even know what color frame to get it done with. The purple and green are cool colors, but the fabric is cream. Maybe Hobby Lobby will have something pretty. They seem to have better frames than AC Moore. Or is it the fact that we don't have them that makes them EXOTIC? LOL.

Anyway, I will see you next week.

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