05 May 2007

Well now I just feel frigging stupid

The floss that I was missing yesterday I found. In the little carrier thingy, wodged in the corner. I feel so dumb, but whew! I don't have to buy another skein of that floss. Not that I couldn't have used another skein, but don't really want to spend $3.20 on something I have. Anywayt I have it.

And I had good reason to wig out. I finished that little Pine Mountain pillow. I have to wash it before I show it off, but it's really cute. And not a really hard stitch, just last night, and today.

And I did go to the little LNS in Somerset. It's not really an LNS, just a section in a little craft shop. It's great if you like Lizzie Kate or Waxing Moon, not so much if you like other things. The lady that wouldn't talk to me last time wasn't in, there was a nice young man. I managed to get out of there with a square of fabric to do a Christmas ornament, a Lizzie Kate that I didn't have and hadn't seen, and a bag of Loose Threads, leftover threads by Gentle Art. I have to say, it was a deal I couldn't beat. For $6, I got at least 25 yards of hand-dyed threads. I thought that was pretty good. I just need to find something to stitch with them.

But I did learn, it's really hard to stitch with a very small, very loving Schipperke pushing her face into yours.

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