04 May 2007

Very bad day stitching wise

My Needle Necessities took legs. I have no idea where it is, but it is not in the little case I had it in and this irks me. I can go to the LNS on Sunday, that is OK, but I want the skein I had. Even in my house, floss does not just vanish. Anyway, so I had that happen.

Then, we are going to Pennsylvania to order the flowers for Memorial Day. I have to go along for some reason I don't understand. I guess it's better I go along, as my car always comes back from these jaunts jacked up. So I grabbed up my little Pine Mountain pillow kit that I started this weekend, because I couldn't find the floss at 8:30 AM, forgetting that I wasn't coming back to the house to get another project. So now I have this kit, which I will probably finish before we get home, and that is all. There is only Walmart and this nasty little LNS/craft shop in town, where the lady was unpleasant when I was in before, so I will stuck without stitching.

And to show my patheticness, I was going to go home at lunch, pick up Cuddling Cat as a backup, and then come back, but it would take too long to get back and I didn't want to be late back from lunch because I realized I don't have the colors of floss I am converting her dress to close to the kit. ACCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. So I will be suffering from withdrawl, but, considering I am going to start cutting back on the caffeine this weekend, I will suffering anyway, so might as well do it all at the same time.

I want my Needle Necessities back so I can finish Emma's Garden.

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