17 May 2007

I can do this, can't I?

I am making progress on the square for Hummingbird Trellis. It's a lot of, well, if not confetti stitching, then dang close. 2 or 3 little squares together. But I am not going to panic. After all, this is neither the first afghan or the first Stoney Creek I have done. I did the Halloween one when I was 20 and my first afghan was at 22, and it was that stinking Pooh afghan. If I can stitch Winnie the Pooh on an afghan, this shouldn't be too bad. After all, Pooh was large expanses of one color, and this has changes.

I think my misgivings about this project are because it's just a BAP(Big A$$ Project, because I am pretty sure my friend and reader of this blog, Brea, does not know that one). I mean, I know I can handle it, I handled HOHRH, but that one didn't seem to me to be as, HUGE, as it ended up being. But it's beautiful. And I want this afghan. I want to have a project that terrifies me, that really does challenge me as a stitcher. And I have to say, I take an inordinate amount of delight in the finished square. I was looking at Square 10 this morning and thought to myself, "That is just really pretty." I can just imagine what the finished afghan will be, all covered with pretty little x's.

So I am not giving in to my doubts about this. Besides, I have too much money invested in it.

But I do have a gripe with myself. I just have ordered ANOTHER piece of fabric for my Sandy Orton fall sampler. I can not seem to find a fall-y cream shade of evenweave to use. And it's my fault. But I bought a piece of buttermilk Jobelan, it came this week, and it's not right. So I decided that, if this piece of antique white isn't right, even though I don't want to, I will work it on oatmeal aida.

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