02 May 2007

I glutted myself on magazines

Over the last couple days, I have bought 4 magazines, downloaded my monthly issue of The Gift of Stitching, and my issue of Stoney Creek came. I ended up with both US and UK Cross Stitcher, Cross Country Stitching, and Cross Stitch Crazy. There are a couple must-dos in all of them, even Cross Country Stitching, which I do not like that much because it's religious. Now I am trying to be more religious, and I know that I am supposed to profess my faith, but I guess what I don't like is that the religious parts don't seem to really pertain to the design a lot of times and that kinda irks me. So I may do these, but I won't use the religious phrases. But there were a lot of other cute designs. I realize I need to dye some fabric and thread to do the seasonal quaker motifs.

One bummer, I actually read the rules for a design contest in UK Cross Stitch Crazy. I am working on a design, but it won't be in the size requirements. But that doesn't mean I can't do the design, I just can't enter it in the contest. But I can enter it in the fair, and, as I have said before, I value winning at the fair for my own reasons.

But I do want to see me some of the new colors of Charles Craft aida. It's pretty colors, plus there is the new marbled Aida that I want to see. AC Moore restocked the fabric, but they don't carry those colors. I guess I will have to order online.

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